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I. Scope

(1)  Stadtwerke Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH, Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 8, 60311 Frankfurt am Main (hereinafter “VGF”) provides a Web Portal on it’s internet page at for the sale of tickets in the Rhein-Main Transport Association (RMV). The Web Portal allows customers to make use of selected VGF services conveniently over the internet.

(2)  Consumers (hereinafter “Customers” or “the Customer”) can purchase tickets listed in the Web Portal subject to RMV’s Fare regulations and conditions of carriage. The tickets to be purchased will be described as “ticket” or “electronic travel authorisation” in the framework of these General Terms & Conditions (hereinafter “T&Cs”). These are made available electronically over the Web Portal for transfer onto a chip card. Transfer onto a chip card takes place via a ticket machine. This can alternatively be done with a designated device to be installed by the Customer (“recording/reading device” for eTickets).

 (3)  These General Terms & Conditions apply for the use of the Web Portal. For the provision of transport services, the current version of RMV’s Common fare regulations and conditions of carriage apply.

 The use of the Web Portal and its contents is based on VGF’s Privacy Policy (hereinafter Privacy Policy).

II. Registering for Use

(1)  The use of the Web Portal requires a one-off registration by the Customer by providing his/her personal data such as forename, surname, address, date of birth and e-mail address. The registration process will result in the Customer being provided with a free user account. The user account is identified using the e-mail address as well as a self-selected password. The requirements for the password are determined by VGF.

(2)  After successful registration, the Customer will receive an activation link from VGF via e-mail. With this the Customer can activate his/her access to the Web Portal.

(3)  The Customer is obliged to ensure that the login data for his/her user account is not made available to third parties. The Customer is especially obliged to protect his/her login data from access by third parties.

(4)  The Customer is obliged to immediately inform VGF of changes to his/her personal data and essential contractual information (particularly name, address and e-mail address as well as details necessary for payment processing such as bank account, credit card information, etc.). Should the Customer not comply with this obligation, he/she will be held responsible for any additional costs arising from this.

(5)  The Customer may use his/her access to the Web Portal exclusively for the services offered by VGF. Use of the Web Portal’s services for the purpose of receiving payment or other benefits from third parties is prohibited.

(6)  The Customer is obliged to observe the user guidance on the screen and follow the instructions provided there. Information entered by the Customer must be accurate and complete to the required extent. The accuracy of this data should be checked by the customer before being disclosed to VGF.

(7)  VGF is permitted to alter, amend or discontinue the Web Portal in compliance with a reasonable deadline, or without compliance with a reasonable deadline where good cause exists, or for the reasonable safeguarding of the interests of the Customer.

III. Deleting and closing your user account, availability

(1)  The Customer may delete his/her user account in the Web Portal at any time. The deletion takes place via electronic cancellation of the services at These T&Cs shall remain valid until the final closure of legal relations after deletion of the user account. Any open claims on the Customer shall still apply after deletion.

(2)  Deletion has no effect on ongoing contracts or tickets already ordered and does not replace cancellation of such contracts or tickets. The Customer will no longer be able to manage the RMV products currently available in the Web Portal online after deletion of his/her access. This will require re-registration.

(3)  VGF reserves the right to lock or delete the user account and exclude the Customer from further use of the Web Portal if the Customer enters inaccurate information, violates legal provisions, third-party rights, these T&Cs or other applicable contractual terms or if another significant reason (especially if a direct debit is unjustifiably returned by the Customer or if the collection of debt due at the Customer’s bank fails for reasons for which he/she is accountable) is given.

(4)  VGF is permitted to delete the Customer’s user account and all related data after a period of 12 months of inactivity (no login with web browser or use of services) after prior notice.

IV. Orders and contracts

(1)  Conclusion of contract in the web portal requires the full contractual capacity of the Customer. Acting under another name is prohibited. This does not exclude acting for legal entities.

(2)  The display of the tickets in the Web Portal does not constitute a legally binding offer on the part of VGF. By clicking on “Buy now”, the customer submits a binding order. Confirmation of receipt of the order follows immediately after the order is placed and does not constitute acceptance of contract. VGF accepts the Customer’s order by sending an order confirmation via e-mail. The contract finalised as such is stored electronically by VGF. The customer receives a description of the contents of the contract as part of the order confirmation in written form via e-mail. The conclusion of the contract proceeds through the provision of the ticket or the electronic travel pass.

 (3)  The issue of the available tickets takes place after online registration in accordance with Clause II above as electronic travel authorisation by transfer from a chip card. Only selected tickets from RMV’s range of tickets can currently be purchased over the Web Portal:

 - Annual ticket by subscription or for immediate payment

- CleverCard by direct debit or for immediate payment

- Monthly ticket for immediate payment

- Weekly ticket for immediate payment

The product descriptions of the tickets offered can be found here.

 Certain and varying booking periods exist depending on the type of ticket ordered. The Web Portal is configured so that tickets can only be ordered for the days of validity which allow for this booking period (e.g. start of validity of annual tickets). If the Customer has already registered a chip card for the purchase of tickets, the purchased ticket will be made available by electronic means. The chip card can be updated either from a sales agent, a ticket machine with the e-ticket acceptance symbol or independently with the Customer’s own connected card reader.

The ticket will be made available as follows:

 - after 48 hours at the ticket machines onto the chip card selected during the order,

- via direct issue onto the chip card by means of a connected card reader (straight after the confirmation e-mail), or

- by sending a new chip card with the ticket stored on it (this accrues an additional service fee of €6.20); generally five working days following the order confirmation

 Should VGF be responsible for failing to deliver a chip card or for failing to deliver it on time, sums which have already been debited will be refunded.

V. Payment methods and billing

(1)  Costs of the purchase of tickets can be paid using

- credit card (MasterCard and VISA) or

- a SEPA direct debit mandate


(2)  VGF uses payment service provider TeleCash GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter TeleCash) for processing payments with credit cards. To this end, the required personal data will be passed on to the above-named service provider during contract processing. TeleCash undertakes the collection of payment claims.

(3)  Credit card payment

This will be checked when the credit card details are first provided. The data provided by the Customer will be passed on to the card-issuing bank.

The following credit card details of the Customer will be compiled during the order process

-      Full name of the credit card holder

-      Card type (VISA, MasterCard)

-      Card number

-      Expiry date

-      CVC code

and if necessary information for 3D Secure to protect against credit card misuse.

With the Customer’s consent, his/her card number, expiry date, card type as well as transmission data may be stored in TeleCash’s national data storage. In this case, the Customer will have the option to purchase tickets in future using this payment data, without the need for these to be entered and saved anew in the Web Portal.

(4)  If the Customer arranges a charge back without legal cause or the collection of payment fails for reasons for which he/she is accountable, the Customer will be obligated to pay any handling fees which apply (currently €6.25) as well as any third-party costs (currently €10.00) of the credit card acquirer on top of the purchase price of the ticket bought. The Customer will be provided with evidence to prove that the costs for the charge back were not incurred at all or are significantly lower than the handling fees. These claims are also assigned to TeleCash.

 (5)  Claims submitted which result from ticket purchases will be displayed to the Customer as a total amount in euros (€) on the bill provided by his/her credit card issuer. The registered Customer can view and retrieve a detailed breakdown of the total amount in the Web Portal under “My Orders”. Credit card processing is only possible with Visa or MasterCard and requires a German credit card. No other payment methods are possible. The Customer has no right to participate in the credit card processing through this regulation.  

 (6)  Payment collection by TeleCash GmbH & Co. KG

By participating in payment processing in the Web Portal, the Customer acknowledges that the data necessary for the payment methods in question will be gathered and used should payment proceed by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) through the payment service provider TeleCash GmbH & Co. KG.

For credit card payments (VISA or MasterCard), the following data will be gathered and used by TeleCash: Card number, type of card (VISA or MasterCard), expiry date, CVV code, date, time and amount of payment, name of cardholder and identification of the internet payment system at VGF. These data will be passed on to TeleCash for the completion of the card payment.

 (7)  TeleCash is responsible for the transmitted data according to the German Federal Data Protection Act. Insofar as the aforementioned data for maintaining and restoring processing systems is also processed by TeleCash Group companies and their contractors outside the EU, the data protection regulations are observed. If desired, the Customer can receive more detailed information from TeleCash at Datenschutz(at)

 (8)  SEPA direct debit mandate

With a SEPA direct debit mandate, the Customer authorises VGF to withdraw a payment from his/her account via direct debit. At the same time, the Customer instructs his/her bank to honour the direct debit drawn on his/her account by VGF. The Customer can request reimbursement of the amount charged within eight weeks of the date of the debit. The conditions agreed with the Customer’s bank apply here.

The Customer is obliged to disclose all account information required for participation in the SEPA direct debit process (in particular account holder, IBAN and BIC) and enter this in the designated form (SEPA direct debit mandate) in the Web Portal. The Customer will receive a pre-notification about the date and amount of payment as part of the SEPA direct debit process. The pre-notification will be sent electronically with the order confirmation to the e-mail address provided.

The Customer must ensure that the account has sufficient funds to allow the SEPA direct debit to be collected. If the direct debit is unjustifiably returned by the Customer or the collection of payment at the Customer’s bank fails for reasons for which he/she is accountable (in particular due to insufficient funds, incorrect or invalid bank details or payment rejection), he/she will be obliged to provide sufficient funds or resolve the issue causing the payment fault so that the outstanding sum and the third-party costs of the bank arising there from can be paid on the payment date stated in the reminder letter.

The Customer opts not to obtain a written SEPA direct debit mandate. The Customer declares the waiver to his/her bank, the creditor bank, the creditor and TeleCash. The Customer consents to the waiver being passed on to the aforementioned parties. Should the waiver cease to apply or prove ineffective, the Customer is then obliged to submit a mandate immediately. An e-mail to meine(at) is sufficient, including a request to be sent a SEPA direct debit mandate form. The Customer will then receive the form for the SEPA direct debit mandate, which must then be completed in full before being signed by hand and returned by post.

VI. Invoicing in the Web Portal and debiting

(1)  The amount is debited immediately after the ticket purchase, with the exception of tickets purchased on subscription. Here the debit takes place once or at the start of the month, but no sooner than the start of validity.

For tickets for immediate payment, the Customer will be provided with the bill electronically in the Web Portal, where it can only be viewed and retrieved by the Customer.

(2)  The Customer must carefully check the provided overview of his/her purchases and inform VGF of any objections immediately after receiving the overview, sending the notice to the following address:

 Stadtwerke Verkehrsgesellschaft

Frankfurt am Main mbH (VGF)

Kundendienst und Vertrieb

Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 8

60311 Frankfurt am Main

 Or via e-mail to meine(at)

 Otherwise the overview of purchases provided to the Customer will be considered approved and accepted.

VII. Due date and arrears

The due date of the purchase price follows the conclusion of the contract.<s> </s>

If a debit amount cannot be debited due to lack of funds or if a direct debit is returned by the account holder despite correct debiting or if the direct debit mandate is revoked, VGF may cancel the contract with immediate effect. Cancellation will render the subscription invalid. The relevant travel authorisation on the chip card will be blocked. With monthly debit, the Customer has no proportional entitlements to debit-free months. It will not be possible to participate in direct debiting again.

The Customer will be invoiced for costs arising for VGF as a result of insufficient funds or closed accounts or as a result of rejected direct debits. Every written payment request will incur a handling fee of €5.00. This does not exclude the enforcement of further damage caused by delay, in particular the further costs of legal proceedings.

Self-payments, such as bank transfers by the customer, will not be accepted. If the payment collection fails pursuant to Section VIII, a collection agency contracted by VGF will be charged with enforcing claims arising from the use of services.

VIII. Guarantee and liability

By participating in the processing of online orders via the Web Portal, the customer declares in his/her registration that he/she is of full age and will comply with the conditions for use in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions as well as the General Terms of Use. The Customer also pledges that the information he/she has provided concerning his/her orders are accurate and complete. The Customer is liable for any damages arising from incorrect statements made to VGF intentionally or by negligence. VGF is liable for malicious intent and gross negligence. In the event of a violation of essential contractual obligations, VGF is also liable for the culpable conduct of its staff and auxiliary persons. However liability is limited to the amount of damages typically foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the contract. This limit is not valid for damages caused by injury to life, body and health, damages based on breaches of duty by VGF, its legal representatives or auxiliary persons, nor is it valid in cases of mandatory legal provisions. VGF’s Web Portal, its website and these General Terms and Conditions, contain links to other websites and documents such as other companies’ terms and conditions as well as fare and schedule information. The VGF has no influence over any part of these documents, conditions, timetables and fare conditions. Therefore VGF accepts no liability for the form and content of these linked websites.

VGF cannot guarantee the constant availability of all booking services on the Web Portal owing to the technical requirements for internet services and telecommunications. Therefore, claims by the Customer as a result of bookings not completed in time due to this lack of technical availability will not be accepted.

IX. Other

(1)  Given the special technical features of the internet, constant availability of the Web Portal and/or the customer account cannot be guaranteed.

The Customer is aware that costs may arise for the purchase or use of tickets.

(2)  VGF reserves the right to alter or amend the T&Cs or other processes described in the program documents for the Web Portal. Registered customers will be informed of changes via e-mail. Changed to the T&Cs will be considered approved if the Customer does not object to them in writing or by the agreed electronic means. VGF will ensure that the Customer is made aware of this consequence when making the announcement. The Customer must submit any objection within six weeks after notification of the changes to the T&Cs.

 (3)  If individual clauses are or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the other clauses. If a provision of these General Terms and Conditions or in the scope of other agreements in this contract is invalid, this will not affect the validity of the other clauses.

X. Consumer advice in accordance with §§ 36 VSBG

As a member of the Trägerverein der Schlichtungsstelle für den öffentlichen Personenverkehr (söp) (Sponsoring Association of the Arbitration Board for Public Passenger Transport), a consumer arbitration board recognised under the German Consumer Dispute Resolution Act (VSBG), VGF is prepared and, because of the statute of the association, obligated to participate in the resolution of disputes in and out of the context of this contract. The address of the relevant consumer arbitration board for such disputes is:

Schlichtungsstelle für den öffentlichen Personenverkehr e.V. (söp)
Fasanenstraße 81

10623 Berlin



XI. Availability

These T&Cs as well as other General Business and/or Offer Conditions mentioned in these T&Cs can be retrieved, stored and printed in the current version via the following links:

- T&C Web Portal

- RMV fare regulations and conditions of carriage

- RMV eTicket provisions

- TeleCash

- FirstData

- Special Frankfurt products CleverCard Ffm and FFM-Pass products

- Privacy Policy