Renovation of Offenbacher Landstraße between Scheerengasse and Buchrainplatz

On Monday 24 April 2017, construction works start between Scheerengasse and Buchrainplatz. All information can be found here.

Offenbacher Landstraße has great significance for the Oberrad district as a major connection to Frankfurt and Offenbach. The renovation will see Offenbacher Landstraße undergo major revaluation.

The road and pavements as well as the platforms and contact wires will be completely renewed in sections. In the course of the renovation, the Bleiweißstraße tram stop will also be made barrier-free and an uninterrupted bike lane will be installed in both directions. In addition, a further pedestrian crossing will be added to the Bleiweißstraße / Hansenweg stop. The gas, water and power lines will also be renewed and the communications network will be extended. On top of all this, new trees will be planted to make Offenbacher Landstraße greener. The construction works are projected to end in the second quarter of 2018.

The renovation of Offenbacher Landstraße is a construction project of the city of Frankfurt am Main. The Office for Road Building and Development (ASE), Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH (VGF, Frankfurt am Main Transport Company), Netzdienste Rhein-Main GmbH (NRM, Rhein-Main Network Services) and Frankfurt am Main Municipal Drainage (SEF) are involved in the construction project.

Information on the construction works

The works will take place in sections. During this time, the construction site will never extend over the entire development area between Scheerengasse and Buchrainplatz. The first works will begin between Scheerengasse and the junction with Bleiweißstraße. After the completion of each section, the construction site will move step-by-step towards Buchrainplatz.

You can find all information on the construction works at



To your destination by bus, tram and train

Even when buses, trams and trains can’t travel through the construction site, local public transport will be guaranteed.

Tram number 16 will run to and from the Balduinstraße stop on the western edge of Oberrad. The tram replacement buses starting and ending on Bruchstraße at Südbahnhof will fill the gap between Buchrainplatz and Offenbach Stadtgrenze. The minibus line 81 will connect all of Oberrad according to a special timetable with an altered route. The night-bus lines n62 and n63 will be diverted between Alter Brücke and Buchrainplatz.  

Passengers travelling to and from Offenbach can also use the S-Bahn to reach their destination. 

How the individual lines are affected 

- Tram-replacement buses will start and end at the Südbahnhof/Bruchstraße stop a short walk from Südbahnhof. Markings on the pavements will show the quickest route to the surrounding transfer stops. The buses will run to Offenbach Stadtgrenze via Gerbermühlstraße and Buchrainplatz, 
also stopping at the Flaschenburgstraße and Wiener Straße stops in Oberrad.  

- Tram line 15 will not run between Südbahnhof 
and Offenbach Stadtgrenze. However, it will therefore be extended to the Südbahnhof/Bruchstraße stop, which is located just a few metres from the replacement bus stop. Anyone coming from the direction of Niederrad looking to travel to Mühlberg or Balduinstraße should change over to line 16 at Südbahnhof.  

- Line 16 will run between Ginnheim and the Balduinstraße stop in Oberrad during the building works. From there to Stadtgrenze Offenbach, it will be interrupted. Anyone wanting to switch between 
line 16 and the replacement buses should use the Lokalbahnhof/Textorstraße stop. 

- Line 18 running from Preungesheim will terminate at Lokalbahnhof during building works, 

including on Saturdays.  

- Oberrad’s minibus line 82 will be temporarily out of use – it will be replaced by line 81, which will run with a special timetable from Buchrainplatz via Wiener Straße to the Georg-Treser-Straße stop before travelling further along Wiener Straße to the Grazer Straße stop and back to Buchrainplatz via Offenbacher Landstraße. Waldfriedhof Oberrad will be accessible by minibus at the usual times every half hour. 

The Balduinstraße tram stop is just a short walk from the Georg-Treser-Straße stop.  

- Night bus lines n62 (Konstablerwache – Fechenheim – Offenbach – Oberrad – Konstablerwache) and n63 (Konstablerwache – Oberrad – Offenbach – Fechenheim - Konstablerwache) are diverted between Alter Brücke and Buchrainplatz, similarly to the replacement buses.  

The Mühlberg and Lettigkautweg stops cannot be served by the night buses during the building works.  Night owls from Sachsenhausen can use lines n7 and n71.  

- The Bleiweißstraße stop cannot be served 
by trams or buses during the building works.

Passengers will be able to use replacement buses from the next stop on line 16, Balduinstraße, so from Buchrainplatz. 

Find information on replacement buses here. 

Find information on switching to replacement buses at Südbahnhof here.

Buchrainplatz stop temporarily relocated 

To allow the city-bound Buchrainplatz tram stop to be reached by replacement buses, an asphalt wedge will be used to adapt the height of the kerb to the level of the buses.
Therefore, from Monday 24 April, replacement buses travelling towards Südbahnhof/Bruchstraße will initially stop at the night bus stop with the same name on Offenbacher Landstraße, in front of house no. 361, for a few days, around 25 metres from the Buchrainplatz stop. 

For passengers travelling to and from Offenbach, S-Bahn lines S1, S2, S8 and S9 could be alternatives. Detailed information can be found on the yellow information boards at the stops. For the best and fastest connection consult the journey planner at

Diverted traffic during the construction works

Offenbacher Landstraße is closed to traffic between Scheerengasse and Buchrainplatz during the construction period. The wide bypass accessible via Gerbermühlstraße is signposted, as are the traffic diversions in Oberrad. Traffic around Offenbacher Landstraße is also affected.

The construction site can be traversed by pedestrians during the entire construction period. Access to homes and businesses is guaranteed, as is normal waste disposal.

Emergency vehicles, residents and delivery vehicles can access the area to and from the direction of Buchrainplatz.

Cyclists have the alternative option of using the adjacent Kochstraße between Balduinstraße and Wellengasse.

Contact for residents

A residents’ information office has been set up to deal with questions about the renovation of Offenbacher Landstraße, which is the responsibility of the German Urban and Property Development Association (DSK). The staff can be reached Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00.
Telephone: +49 (0) 69-138 260 39
E-mail: mailto:Offenbacher-Ldstr(at)

Those who are interested can sign up for the mailing list via the e-mail address given above.