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VGF procurement services

The main service that we can offer you in this area is the opportunity to participate in our procurement activities. We offer this service to transport companies, public clients at utility companies or traditional public clients.

Profitable procurement can lead to significant savings for any business. Success here depends most importantly on what’s known as ‘pooling requirements’. When companies place significantly bigger orders, suppliers will offer them even more advantageous conditions.

VGF purchases around €40 million of consumables ever year, such as replacement parts for vehicles, tools and general technical equipment. This is not an insignificant sum of money, and if we can achieve a reduction of just a couple percentage points in the prices that we pay, we can make valuable savings.

VGF already runs procurement activities on behalf of several partner companies, and thereby manages to pool requirements effectively. We are also involved in joint activities with, for example, public utility companies in Mainz, the Wiesbaden ESWE, the OVB and most recently the FES, in which we collectively purchase our diesel (a total of around two million litres a month). This has forced oil companies to compete with one another for our business.

There are, however, certain conditions that have to be met, not least when purchasing diesel. The main requirement when pooling procurement is that all companies have to belong to the same freight area.

On top of the activities already mentioned, we also have close relationships with other transport businesses outside our region (including beka, the procurement and sales company for transport businesses). This has led to an e-procurement system (i.e. a platform for purchasing consumables) being put in place across all of Germany, with partners such as BVG Berlin, Düsseldorfer Rheinbahn, Stadtwerke Kiel, Stadtwerke Augsburg and VGF combining their procurement.

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