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VGF – get on board

The Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main, or VGF for short, is Frankfurt’s transport company and the city’s transport operator. A total of 400 track vehicles travelling on nine underground and ten tram lines make it easy to travel across the city. VGF is responsible for rolling and fixed infrastructure, safety, cleanliness, service and customer support.

VGF employs around 2,000 staff, including more than 700 track vehicle drivers. This makes VGF one of the biggest employers in the city and the Rhine-Main area. It ensures that Frankfurt, its 700,000 plus inhabitants, those who live or work in the city during the day and those visiting as tourists can stay on the move. Because on weekdays more than 350,000 commuters turn Frankfurt into a city of a million people – and fortunately they don’t all use their cars. VGF transports more than 160 million passengers on its underground trains and trams every year.


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