VGF sees legal compliance in its activities as the basis for its long-term financial success and, as a City of Frankfurt company, is aware of its responsibilities towards the city, towards the Stadtwerke Frankfurt group of companies, towards its business partners and towards citizens  and its employees. VGF is therefore committed to complying with a clear set of procedures and values. In doing this, VGF sees itself as subject to both statutory and internal requirements. Its own voluntary commitments and ethical principles are therefore also key elements of its organisational culture and serve as guidelines for decision-making. Preventative measures and the incorporation of these into VGF’s day-to-day operations help ensure compliance with regulations and raise employees’ awareness of the issues involved. As a basis for proper corporate governance, the VGF code of conduct sets standards and expectations for the daily actions of employees and managers. At the same time, VGF is also committed to the reliability of its business relationships and requires that its business partners comply with the fundamental principles of a specific partner code of conduct.

In this light, VGF understands compliance to include
• Adherence to the code of conduct
• Acting in consideration of all regulations of relevance to VGF 
• Avoidance of legal risk 
• Efficient handling of breaches of compliance

If there is any suspicion of risks or misconduct in the area of white-collar crime, other criminal offences or serious irregularities as well as human rights and environmental violations at VGF or along the supply chain, employees, business partners, customers or third parties can contact the VGF whistleblowing system:

The VGF notice system/trusted advisors

Data protection