How to behave in dangerous situations

VGF staff are regularly trained on how to react quickly and appropriately in dangerous situations. We have an emergency prevention plan in which all imaginable situations and scenarios have been theoretically mapped out, and we have precisely defined approaches and organisational structures to deal with each of these.

Please understand, however, that we cannot publish these details for security reasons.

We do, however, offer some general suggestions here on how to behave in dangerous situations. As a matter of principle, please trust the local VGF staff and the announcements that are made. In dangerous situations, VGF, the police and the fire brigade will coordinate their activities and carry our regular joint-practice exercises.

Escape route signs

Tunnels and stations have standardised signs that show passengers the shortest escape route to use in emergencies. In addition, you’ll find illuminated strips with arrows on the walls about 30 cm off the ground. In tunnels, the signs will show the way to the nearest station or emergency exit.

If the station needs to be evacuated, the VGF control centre will make an announcement. The announcement begins and ends with a piercing signal similar to that of a siren. The announcement is as follows:

Please pay attention to this important announcement.
For safety reasons, we are evacuating the entire station. 
All operations will be suspended.
Please leave the station using the exits indicated.
Do not use the lifts.
Help children and elderly passengers to leave the station,
and follow the instructions given by our staff.

If you hear this announcement, please leave the station immediately.

VGF also regularly makes additional announcements about safety in general and unattended luggage. Such statements start with a gong to catch passengers’ attention and are given in German and English as follows:

Attention. This is a VGF safety announcement.
Please do not leave your luggage unattended and report any suspicious bags immediately.
Either call us on 069 2132 2708 or speak to a member of our staff.

Emergency exits and fire brigade access points

If you have to leave an underground train between two stations, please follow the train crew’s instructions. Our staff will safely lead you to the nearest emergency exit or the nearest station. The fire brigade can also enter the tunnel via these emergency exits in case of fire. Never walk aimlessly in the tunnels, and make sure that you follow the instructions. We regularly check all emergency exits and all our technical equipment to make sure that everything is working properly. The emergency exits are easy to open.

Our control room plays a key role in ensuring the safety of our passengers. For more detailed information, please consult our brochure (german).