VGF's security service

  • Over 140 staff work in teams in five shifts around the clock to ensure that you stay safe. Each team has a PTT (push-to-talk) mobile phone so that they can be deployed quickly and effectively.
  • The security team also monitors stations, car parks and tunnel entrances from the Safety and Service Centre.
  • The control room can also immediately send staff to wherever they are needed.
  • The VGF anti-vandalism investigation group successfully deploys its own plain clothes staff and works together with local police stations.
  • The security service operates additional patrols on the underground and other key routes from 9 p.m. onwards. On average, it patrols one train in three during the evenings.
  • You can contact our staff at any time. You’ll find specially indicated emergency call points on all levels in stations and at stops. These will put you straight through to the 110 emergency service.
  • Timetables are displayed at the entrance to underground stations so that passengers know which platform their train will be departing from in advance.
  • New stations are being built with good visibility in all directions, and fixtures are not allowed to block any views. In future all underground train stations, including those above ground, will be equipped with telephones that can be used to make free emergency calls.
  • In our new vehicles, passengers can see into all the other carriages, and the driver’s cabin has transparent walls.
  • You can also use an intercom to speak to the driver on all our vehicles.
  • Additional services: Order a taxi from a station of your choice by speaking to the driver, and get off the bus wherever you wish after 8 p.m., even between bus stops.

Our security service are there to make sure you can travel home safely even late into the evening. They’ll make sure you never find yourself in a difficult situation or are threatened with violence. Security staff patrol our vehicles, stops, stations and other VGF property 24 hours a day. They’re trained to recognise and defuse conflict situations. But that’s not all they can do. They can provide first aid, and will be pleased to offer you any information or advice you may need. Our security staff give information to our passengers more than 100,000 times a year. You’ll recognise them straight away by their blue uniforms and either their white caps or their dark-blue berets.