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Prevention of economic crime

In the interest of the company, its employees and its business partners, VGF is committed to the prevention of corruption, fraud, dishonesty and other activities that might constitute economic crime. Notification by employees, business partners, customers or third parties may lead to the discovery and prosecution of criminal offences and to the remedying of abuses. By means of its company-wide whistle-blower system, VGF provides all of its employees and external partners with an additional tool for ensuring legally compliant behaviour within the company and for revealing infringements.

Dr Rainer Buchert has been appointed to the role of ombudsman at VGF. He is the point of contact for VGF employees, business partners and third parties where there is a suspicion of criminal actions in connection with professional activity. His deputy is Dr Caroline Jacob.

Contact with ombudsman

Dr. Rainer Buchert

Tel. 069 71 03 33 30 or 06105 92 13 55



If he is unavailable:

Dr. Caroline Jacob

Tel. 069 71 03 33 30 or Mobil 0170 2 16 01 60