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Code of conduct

For the sake of our success as an organisation, it is essential that our business activities are in compliance with laws, official specifications, internal regulations and with ethical and moral principles. The code of conduct for our business partners formulates the guidelines and requirements to be considered in our cooperation with business partners. It is built upon the same principles set down in VGF’s internal code of conduct for our own managers and employees. It is based on the principles of honesty, legality and integrity and forms part of a strategy designed to prevent and tackle corruption, unlawful negotiations and activities that might damage our business. From its business partners, VGF expects that they will act in a responsible fashion and undertake to comply with the basic principles outlined in this code of conduct. In cases where the business partners appoint third parties (e.g. subcontractors or representatives) in the context of their business relationship with VGF, they must ensure that the third parties involved also adhere to the stated basic principles. In doing so, they are making a significant contribution to the sustainability of our business throughout the supply chain.

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