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VGF's corporate vision

Get on board

We provide the best possible connections for the approximately 800,000 inhabitants in our region and are constantly expanding our network. Our modern transport system is the backbone of the city. And we’re helping to give our region a great future.

Skills in a strong team

Our staff are our greatest asset. Over 2,000 employees work day after day to ensure that our operations run smoothly. Whether in the driver’s cab, in the control room, in the workshops, along our routes or in our offices, we constantly strive for quality. And that’s why our managers and our employees work together as partners.

Our focus is our passengers

We want our passengers to reliably reach their destinations, whether they’re travelling to work or going on a day trip. Passengers on any of our vehicles should feel comfortable in the knowledge that they’re travelling in clean vehicles from well-maintained stations, that we’ll do our best keep them informed, and that they’ll reach their destination safely.

Punctual, safe and reliable

Our passengers reach their destinations safely and on time. With around 800 drivers in over 400 vehicles, we’ll make sure of it – every day, including weekends, around the clock, and on more than 19 routes.

Looking after our business and the environment

Only cost-conscious companies will stay in business. And only transport operators that provide an effective network will help to ensure that people leave their cars at home more often. That’s why we believe that we should care about both the environment and our level of productivity at the same time.

A tradition of modernity

Local public transport in Frankfurt has been about technical innovations and comprehensive service from the very beginning, from when some of the first electric trams started appearing on our streets to our introduction of low-floor buses and trains.