"T" carriage

  • Manufacturer: Alstom
  • Year of manufacture: from 2021
  • Seating/standing room 2 modules: 56 / 135
  • Seating/standing 3 modules: 78 / 170
  • Length 2 modules: 31,05 m
  • Length 3 modules: 40,02 m
  • Wide: 2,40 m
  • Height: 3,55 m
  • Weight 3 modules: 55,50 t
  • Engine power: 4 x 150 kW
  • Vehicle stock: 58 cars

The first streetcar of the new type "T" will travel through Frankfurt punctually for the timetable change in December 2022. VGF has ordered a total of 58 streetcars from the French manufacturer Alstom, 24 of them as 31-meter versions and 34 as longer 40-meter streetcars. They will be delivered by 2025 and will successively replace the "Pt" cars and the first series of "R" cars.

The long streetcars are a special feature. Until now, around 30 meters was the standard length for streetcars in Frankfurt, and the infrastructure of the stops is also designed for this. To enable the first long tram to run on Line 11 from the end of 2023, VGF will have to adapt several station platforms along the route.

The "T" cars have four or five doors on each side and larger multi-purpose compartments. The short versions seat 191 passengers, the long versions 248. Thanks to the special design of the axles, the car is also completely step-free and thus barrier-free in the interior. 

There are also innovative features "under the hood": a new generation of permanent magnet motors, which manufacturer Alstom calls "IPM motors". They deliver the same power to the rails as conventional drives, but in a smaller package.