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Fire protection

Fire extinguishers in vehicles and stations

All underground trains, buses, trams and station platforms are equipped with fire extinguishers that anyone can use in case of fire. Their locations are indicated by the fire extinguisher symbol. You’ll find instructions on how to handle a fire on every extinguisher.

Fire protection in underground stations

VGF stations with high passenger volumes such as Hauptwache and Konstablerwache are equipped with an alarm system to enable evacuation of all public areas. Public areas at B level as well as parking levels are equipped with smoke extraction systems so that smoke can be detected as quickly as possible.

‘No access’ barriers are located at station entrances. These can be activated in the case of an emergency to stop anyone else entering the danger zone.

There are flashing lights on the ceilings of staircases so that passengers can find their way out even if there is heavy smoke. Smoke barriers and smoke protection doors ensure that smoke cannot spread quickly. Stations that do not yet have such protection are being upgraded as quickly as possible.

In emergencies, down escalators are immediately halted. In the case of a fire, the lifts switch to evacuation mode. They will stop at the next safe level (usually street level) with their doors open and can no longer be used.

Together with the Frankfurt fire service and our technical supervisors, we thoroughly inspect all of our stations on a regular basis so that we can detect any shortcomings and rectify them as quickly as possible. In addition, our drivers and members of our security team are constantly on the lookout for potential fire hazards.

Our BLST staff are given thorough training on how to protect against fire by the Frankfurt fire service. Members of the security service and train and tram drivers are also given thorough training on what to do in case of fire. Because it’s the responsibility of every member of staff to protect against fire.