Fares and fare zones

The prices for using buses, trains and trams in the RMV region are based on the number of fare zones that you travel through (see fare zone map below). This then determines the price level. Other factors taken into account are the age of the passenger, the duration of validity and the time of day.

Please consult the fares table for current prices.

Fares table

2018 fares table

Download here the 2018 fares table.

You can also work out your individual fare online by going to the RMV fare information page, which will calculate your fare for you with just a few clicks of your mouse.

You can also find the price for your journey using our ticket machines. Staff at our ticket offices or our bus drivers will gladly tell you what the cheapest ticket is for your journey. Alternatively, you can call our information hotline on +49 (0)69 194 49.

Map for fare zone A

Tariff schedule

Download the map for fare zone A as a PDF file