From the springs to the Seckbacher Ried: new spring water pipeline in Bergen-Enkheim

From April 2023 to probably March 2024, VGF will build a spring water pipeline running through Bergen-Enkheim. Initial work is scheduled to begin in mid-April.

So far, the three Bergen-Enkheim springs "Pfingstborn" (in Fritz-Schubert-Ring), "Wäschbach" (below the bridge Fritz-Schubert-Ring) and "Enkheimer Mühle" (nature reserve Mühlbachtal) flow into the sewer system.

After completion of the work, these springs will flow in a so-called "spring water pipeline" and serve to irrigate the Seckbacher Ried. For this purpose, a pipe connection approximately 1.9 kilometers long will be built. Sections of existing pipes, spring lines and ditch sections will also be used and partially repaired, resulting in a connection with a total length of around 2.2 kilometers. It will begin at the Pfingstborn spring on Fritz-Schubert-Ring and end in Seckbacher Ried.

The spring water pipeline will be constructed mainly using the cut-and-cover method, with the undercrossing of roads being carried out by means of pipe jacking. The sewer route runs exclusively in the area of public traffic areas (roadway and sidewalks), private properties are not affected. However, temporary closures will occur during the construction work, which will also affect access to properties. Residents will be specifically informed about this.

Work will be carried out from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., which will not always be possible without noise.

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A project with history

The flow connection from the springs to the Ostparkweiher is a project with history. As part of the construction of the VGF eastern depot, the Darmstadt Regional Council decided that a flow connection should be created to compensate for the impact on nature and the landscape caused by the construction of the depot. This was to improve the water supply of the Enkheimer Mühlbachtal and the Seckbacher Ried and create a new ditch course. In the approved version, the flow connection had a total length of 5.6 kilometers. In 2006, the 1st construction phase with a length of around 3 kilometers from the Ostparkweiher to the Seckbacher Ried was implemented. For the second construction phase, a connection between Enkheimer Ried and Seckbacher Ried was originally planned. In the course of the implementation planning for the second construction phase, however, it became apparent that the connection would not be expedient from various ecological points of view. For example, a pumping station would have had to be built and operated for the connection between the Enkheimer Ried and the Seckbacher Ried. The variant described above, which is now being implemented, offers both economic and ecological advantages over the original plan - it does not require an additional pumping station. In addition, the clean spring water is diverted from the sewer system and thus benefits the natural water cycle.

In implementing the project, VGF is coordinating closely with "Stadtentwässerung Frankfurt am Main" (SEF), which will take over maintenance of the flow connection once it is up and running.