Europaviertel building project

Frankfurt's largest new district, the Europaviertel, is growing. The connection to the city's underground network will be provided by the U5 line, which will be extended beyond the current "Hauptbahnhof" terminus. After completion of the tunnel construction work in summer 2022, excavation and construction of the "Güterplatz" station will begin. Work on the ramp construction and the open cut tunnel in Europa-Allee has already been underway since winter 2022.

VGF and the City of Frankfurt are investing in a 2.7-kilometre-long underground line that branches off to the west behind the Platz der Republik. It then follows the 60-metre-wide Europa-Allee behind the "Güterplatz" station, which is also still underground, with the further stations "Emser Brücke", "Europagarten" and "Wohnpark".

In 2015, the city of Frankfurt commissioned the VGF to realise the project "Extension of the U5" as the developer. For this purpose, following the example of comparable large-scale projects in other German cities, the Stadtbahn Europaviertel Projektbaugesellschaft mbH (SBEV) was founded to focus on this major project. At the end of 2022, the company was renamed Stadtbahn Entwicklung und Verkehrsinfrastrukturprojekte Frankfurt GmbH - still abbreviated as SBEV.