Reduced-price Deutschland-Ticket with Hessenpass mobil

You can buy the reduced-price Deutschland-Ticket for the Hessenpass mobil online via MeineVGF.

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Facts about Deutschland-Ticket with Hessenpass mobil (Frankfurt-Pass)

  • Can only be purchased with valid proof of entitlement "Hessenpass mobil" (standardised document, issued by various authorities, valid for one year).
  • Available online as a subscription at MeineVGF.
  • As a variant for people with Frankfurt-Pass and for people with Hessenpass mobil
  • Price for Frankfurt-Pass holders with Hessenpass mobil: 24.50 euros per month
  • Price for people with Hessenpass mobil: 31.00 euros per month
  • Valid nationwide in 2nd class on local and regional services (like the Deutschland-Ticket)
  • Since this is a discounted Deutschland-Ticket for a special group of people, you can find more information about the Deutschland-Ticket here.


Who gets the Hessenpass mobil?

You can find out whether you are eligible for the Hessenpass mobil at

The VGF does not issue any entitlements. We also have no influence on whether or not you are eligible to receive a Hessenpass mobil.


What does my certificate look like?

You will either receive the proof by post or you must contact the office that grants you the benefit in question. With this letter you prove that you can get a discounted Deutschland-Ticket. You may have already received your notification some time ago.

Please note: In the Frankfurt-Pass variant, you must present your Frankfurt-Pass and the Hessenpass mobile.


How do I order my reduced-price Deutschland-Ticket with the Hessenpass mobil?

12 steps to the Deutschland-Ticket with the Hessenpass mobil

  1. Visit the website MeineVGF.
  2. Go to the Deutschland Ticket tile with Hessenpass mobil or Frankfurt-Pass mobil - depending on which verification you have.
  3. Click on the "Abo Bestellen" (order a subscription) box.
  4. Specify when you want to travel with your ticket.
  5. With Hessenpass mobil only: select whether you have a Frankfurt-Pass or not.
  6. Upload your verification (photo of letter the letter with Hessenpass/Frankfurt-Pass mobil).
  7. Enter your personal data.
  8. Register with an e-mail address and a password (8 characters, including letters, numbers like 1,2,3 and special characters like !&/).
  9. Check the box for the data protection regulations, the General Terms and Conditions and the Conditions of Carriage.
  10. Complete your bank details. Tick the SEPA direct debit mandate box.
  11. Check your data and click on the button "Order with obligation to pay".
  12. You will receive an e-mail with which you must confirm and activate your access. An order confirmation will follow by e-mail (check your spam/junk folder if necessary).

Information on how to order Deutschland-Tickets with Hessenpass mobil & Frankfurt-Pass mobil

D-Ticket Info DE / EN / FR / TR / AR / UA

VGF-Deutschlandticket Frankfurt am Main Hessenpass als Abbildung
VGF-Deutschlandticket Frankfurt - Hessenpass mobil (1.6 MB)

The VGF offers these Deutschland-Tickets



Deutschland-Ticket (Hessenpass mobil)

Deutschland-Ticket (Hessenpass mobil zum Frankfurt-Pass*)

Deutschland-Ticket (Frankfurt-Pass mobil*)


no matter




Necessary authorisation


Hessenpass mobil

Hessenpass mobil + Frankfurt-Pass*

Frankfurt-Pass mobil*


49 Euro

31 Euro

24.50 Euro

24.50 Euro


Find out more about the Deutschland-Ticket

Find out more about the Deutschland-Ticket with Hessenpass mobil

Find out more about the Deutschland-Ticket with Hessenpass mobil

Find out more about Deutschland-Ticket with Frankfurt-Pass mobil

*The Frankfurt-Pass and the Frankfurt-Pass mobile are different proofs.

Only persons who have received proof of the Frankfurt-Pass mobil are authorised to purchase it. To obtain the Frankfurt-Pass mobil, you must go to your local social welfare centre or request the notification by email. If you already have a Hessenpass mobil, you will not receive a Frankfurt-Pass mobil in addition.


Order form for the discounted Deutschland-Ticket with the Hessenpass mobil

Alternatively, the discounted Deutschland-Ticket with the Hessenpass mobil can also be applied for by completing the order form (only by the 10th of the previous month) by e-mail or post. The completed order form can also be handed in at the VGF TicketCenters.


Data protection information and fare regulations for the Deutschland-Ticket

For all regular and discounted Deutschland-Tickets purchased from the VGF, the data protection information and the fare regulations for the Deutschland-Ticket apply.