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All-day tickets: taking you all over Frankfurt

If you’re going to be taking at least three journeys, it’s worth buying the Frankfurt all-day ticket for €5.35 (adults) and €3.00 (children). All-day tickets let you travel all over the city (within fare zone 5000), even during peak times. They’re valid from the time of purchase up until the end of operations that day.


You can buy all-day tickets

  • At any of VGF’s ticket machines simply by pressing the ‘Tageskarte’ button. 
  • From the bus driver.


You can also get all-day tickets for any of the other RMV fare zones.

All-day group tickets – take five and save

Want to travel with friends and save money at the same time? No problem: With the Group Day Ticket, up to 5 people (adults or children) can travel as often as they like on any RMV public transport service in the selected area of validity on any given day. Group Day Tickets are also available

  • at every VGF ticket machine 
  • From the bus driver 
  • at the VGF TicketCenter.

For groups of 10 or more people, choose the Large Group Ticket.

Since 01/01/2018 Group Day Tickets are personalised. At the ticket machine, the Group Day Ticket is issued with the instruction to enter all fellow travellers on the back and to invalidate empty fields. Subsequent correction or addition is not permitted. A photo ID must be carried with it.

The Group Day Ticket is valid until end of service (5 am).


The Day and Group Day Tickets are valid on the day of validity until 5:00 the next day or until the last night journey (e.g. night bus lines n1, n2, etc.)