Would you like to travel beyond the fare zone for which your RMV season ticket is valid?

Then you need to buy a connecting ticket before you start your journey.

Follow the on-screen instructions on our touchscreen ticket machines to purchase your ticket.

1. On the start screen, select the ‘Anschlussfahrkarte zur Zeitkarte’ quick option.


2. Select the type of ticket you require (adult or child).

Select the type of ticket

3. If you have a paper season ticket, please choose the relevant fare level. If you have an e-ticket, please touch your ticket against the reader. This will then show you where your ticket entitles you to travel. Once you’ve made your selection, press ‘next’.

  • Select the price-level
  • eTicket

4. Please select your destination.

Select the destination

5. Please now check your details. If you’d like to purchase another ticket, press ‘more tickets’. Please pay the amount indicated.

Check and pay