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Tickets with the Frankfurt Pass

Frankfurt residents on a low income can apply for the Frankfurt Pass, granting them discounts on tickets such as the monthly and annual tickets as well as the Hesse School Student Ticket.

From 1 October 2017, this range of tickets will be significantly expanded to include 9:00 tickets as well as 65-plus tickets for seniors citizens.

The tickets are available in the VGF Ticket ShopsVGF TicketCenter and at Verkehrsinsel an der Hauptwache.

Prices valid from 01 January 2020



Annual Ticket (1x cash/direct debit)


Annual Ticket (12x direct debit)

12x €55.10

9:00 Annual Ticket subscription (1x cash/direct debit)


9:00 Annual Ticket subscription (12x direct debit)

12x €39.75

Seniorenticket Hessen subscription (1x cash/direct debit)


Seniorenticket Hessen subscription (12x direct debit)

12x €20.50

Seniorenticket Hessen Komfort (1x cash/direct debit)


Seniorenticket Hessen Komfort (12x direct debit)

12x €42.50

Monthly Ticket


9:00 Monthly Ticket


65-plus Monthly Ticket


65 Monthly Ticket Frankfurt


Hesse School Student Ticket ((1x cash/direct debit)


Hesse School Student Ticket (12x direct debit)

12x €20.50

Apprentice Weekly Ticket


Apprentice Monthly Ticket