Get on board and away you go – with a single ticket or a short-journey ticket

Single tickets (Frankfurt city fare)


  • Cost €2.75 for adults and €1.55 for children
  • Are valid for one direct journey to your destination
  • Do not allow any return journeys or round trips, or any significant breaks in your journey (e.g. to go shopping)
  • Are available for adults and children (from age 6 to 14 inclusive)
  • Should be purchased immediately before the start of your journey from either the ticket machine or the bus driver
  • If you are changing trains or buses, please always take the next available connection.

Information on connecting tickets

Save some money

 If you’re going to make frequent breaks in your journey or if you’re taking a round trip, it’s worth buying an all-day ticket. This barely costs more than two single journeys at peak times (€5.35 for adults , €3.00 for children, fare zone Frankfurt 5000) and lets you travel as much as you like within your chosen fare zone.

Short-trip tickets: small prices for small journeys

Short trips are reduced-fare journeys within Frankfurt of up to two kilometres. To find out whether your destination counts as a short trip, consult the list on the bus stop departure table or the automatic ticket machines.

To buy a short-trip ticket, just press the ‘Kurzstrecke’ button on the ticket machine. Select either a child ticket (€1.00) or an adult ticket (€1.85).

Where and how to buy a single ticket

  • At any VGF or DB ticket machine
  • From the bus driver

Purchase single tickets for travel within Frankfurt at the automatic ticket machines by simply pressing the ‘Einzelfahrt Frankfurt’ button for either adults or children.

You’ll find more tips on purchasing tickets by going to our detailed ticket machine page.