2 for 1 - voucher for a single visit

Here's how it works:

  • To use the coupon, download it by clicking on the PDF below, print and cut it out. 
  • Enter your customer number in the boxes provided, then the coupon can be redeemed at the respective partner during the period of validity.
  • The coupon explains exactly where and how you can redeem it.
  • The period of validity is indicated on the coupon. Outside this period and without entering a customer number, there is no entitlement to redeem the coupon.

Please note:

  • The coupons only entitle you to one redemption.
  • The loyalty bonus offers cannot be combined with other coupon or discount offers.
  • A cash payout or other reimbursement of the respective service is not possible.
  • All text and image contents of these coupons are protected by copyright. Any reprinting or other further use of contents may only be made with the express consent of VGF.
  • VGF shall not be liable for contents on the Internet pages mentioned.
  • All information is provided without warranty.
  • In case of the suspicion of manipulation, duplication or misuse of the coupons, VGF reserves the right to take legal action and to exclude individuals from these and future benefits.
  • VGF reserves the right to prematurely terminate the above-mentioned offers in whole or in part at any time, even without observing deadlines, or to change their duration accordingly.