Stresemannallee Building Project

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Since December 2014, line 17 has run from Rebstockbad in Bockenheim via the trade fair grounds, the central station, Friedensbrücke and the Stadtwald forest to Stadtgrenze Neu-Isenburg. The direct connection between Neu-Isenburg and the central station is part of the planned Frankfurter Ring tram line. The former tram line 14 has been retained and runs from Ernst-May-Platz reaching Louisa-Schleife, where a changeover to the “new” line 17 is possible.

With a total of 18 stops, the new tram line provides new connections and faster journeys: The Opera and the Schauspielhaus are now only 16 minutes from Neu-Isenburg with a changeover at Baseler Platz, while the Senckenberg Museum can be reached from Ludwig-Ehrhard-Anlage in 18 minutes. Frankfurt central station can be reached from the southern city limit on a direct, barrier-free journey in 13 minutes. At Südbahnhof, with the lines U1, U2, U3 and U8, there’s a connection to tram line 14 to Louisa.

The new line 17: Facts & Figures

  • Length of the new section: 1.1 kilometres
  • New stops: 1 (Stresemannallee)
  • Future lines: 17 Rebstockbad – Messe – Hauptbahnhof – Baseler Platz – Friedensbrücke – Stresemannallee / Gartenstraße – Stresemannallee – Mörfelder Landstraße – Louisa – Stadtwald – Stadtgrenze Neu-Isenburg
  • Frequency: Every 10 minutes (during the day), 20 minutes (evening)
  • Construction period: January to December 2014 (approx. 250 days)
  • Cost: €20 million
  • Tracks laid: approx. 4,600 m
  • Green track laid: approx. 600 m
  • Track switches installed: 15 
  • Rail crossings installed: 7
  • Overhead lines installed: approx. 2,540 m
  • Masts installed     (for lines, signals, etc.): 165
  • Manholes and distribution boxes dug (for various lines and cables): 220
  • Cables stretched (for power, signals, etc.): approx. 12,050 m
  • Pipes laid (for gas, water, power, communication, etc.): approx. 23,420 m
  • Trenches dug (roads, tracks, pavements, etc.): approx. 14,850 m³
  • Kerb laid: approx. 8,670 m
  • Ballast installed: approx. 30,080 m²
  • Asphalt laid: approx. 23,960 m²
  • Paving and flagging laid: approx. 10,030 m²
  • Trees felled: 26 
  • Trees planted: 45 
  • Previous number of parking spaces: 55
  • New parking spaces: 70 
  • Project participants (excl. construction workers): approx. 210 people
  • Construction workers: approx. 100
  • Constituency surgery visitors: approx. 40

Stresemannallee opening ceremony image gallery

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Stresemannallee building works image gallery

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