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+49 69 21303+49 69 21303

Forgotten your ticket?

It’s something that can happen to anyone. But if you’re a holder of a personal season ticket such as a JobTicket, an apprentice rate ticket, a Frankfurt Pass or an annual season ticket, just present the valid ticket to one of the staff at the

VGF customer centre
at Hauptwache, level B, within seven days.

Opening times:
Mondays till Fridays: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

All you have to pay in this case is an administrative fee of €7.

But if you’ve forgotten to buy a ticket or haven’t got a transferable season ticket with you, VGF will not allow you to present a ticket afterwards. This will cost you €60 – and we won’t make any exceptions. Passengers who travel without a valid ticket cost us millions of euros a year in lost revenue. We could make good use of that money to improve local public transport – and that would please all those passengers who do always pay for their tickets.