Der Frankfurter Zoo (Frankfurt Zoo)

Frankfurt Zoo is the second oldest zoological animal park in Germany. It was founded in 1858 by way of a citizens' initiative. Originally, the zoo was located in the Leer'sche Gärten in the Westend until it moved to its current location, the Pfingstweiden, in 1874. After the First World War, the zoo was taken over by the city of Frankfurt. During the Second World War, the zoological zoo was almost completely destroyed and, following the end of the War, it was rebuilt with great support from the animal researcher Bernhard Grzimek, who succeeded in securing the necessary funds.

Today, Frankfurt Zoo is one of the most visited zoos in Europe,

with its Exotarium, the Cat Jungle, the Borgori Forest and the Nocturnal Animal House being particularly worthy of a visit. In the Nocturnal Animal House, night-time animals are lively during the day due to an artificial time shift and can be observed by the visitors.

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