Pay increased transport fare at the ticket machine

Have you received an additional fare demand, also known as an increased transport fare (EBE), from the VGF due to a complaint during the ticket inspection?

You can now pay the 60 euros at all VGF ticket machines in one go or in partial payments of 10 euros.

Payments for an EBE at VGF ticket machines are only possible up to the specified payment deadline. If the payment deadline has been exceeded, please contact the VGF ServiceCenter.


And this is how it works:

Scan the QR code of the EBE ticket at the VGF ticket machine. The scanner lights up red and is located on the right under the touch screen.

Would you like to pay the total amount at once?
Then pay the 60 euros, then take out your receipt and keep it.

Do you only want to make a partial payment?

  • Then click on "Make partial payment".
  • Select the minimum amount of 10 euros or increase it with "+10€" to the amount you would like to pay in.
  • Click on "Payment" and pay your selected amount.
  • Then take out your receipt and keep it.

Important: Remember the amount you have already deposited, as the machine will always display the original amount of €60 despite your deposit.

Do you still have questions? You can find more information under Driving without a valid ticket or under our FAQ.